How and why take care of your shirts.


The shirt is an essential item in the men’s wardrobe. Not only that, it’s a functional garment, which we use to shelter from the cold, but is one of the garments that best represents us. Just think about it: the white shirt is a symbol of cleanliness, it instills confidence. It is the most used garment in business and we wear it when we participate in an important event.

The blue shirt is a passepartout. You can wear it for a formal but also informal lunch. It can be worn with a suit, but also with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Not only the color but also the texture of the fabric make the look more or less formal.

For example, with the same color (white) an oxford shirt will certainly be less formal than the samewhite shirt but made of popeline.
In the end, every color, fabric, and pattern, represents a message that we want to give to the world around us, and the beauty of all this is that there are unwritten rules and that we can skillfully break with results that are often nothing short of exciting. We must, therefore, preserve our shirts to make sure that they last as long as possible and in the best way.

I want to share with you some tips that I learned during my growth as a shirtmaker that can make a difference.


The optimal washing is achieved with very little detergent (possibly ecological and delicate) and by immersion (hand washing). Soak for about 1h and then rinse with plenty of water. Otherwise, you can also use the washing machine but, my advice is to use the centrifuge at minimum power. This is to reduce stress for the seams (both those of the body of the shirt and for the buttons). Recommended temperature 40 degrees.

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